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Influenza Management in Long-Term Care

The ASCP Foundation participated in the development and evaluation of an influenza management education program for long-term care facilities. Supported by Roche Laboratories, Inc., the program was developed in consultation with Babington Consulting, LLC, and long-term care management companies Signature Clinical Consulting Services, LLC, and Fundamental Clinical Consulting, LLC.

A tool kit developed as part of this education program is now available free of charge. The tool kit contents include:

  • A DVD containing:
    • Case studies of two long-term care facilities that experienced flu outbreaks in the 2007-08 season
    • A video story of a town that thwarted a flu outbreak using good surveillance measures
    • A four-part training video for staff education about influenza
  • The Impact of Influenza on Elderly Residents
  • Vaccination Recommendations for Long-term Care Facilities
  • Influenza Vaccination: Fiction vs Fact
  • Preparing for Seasonal Flu
  • How to Recognize Signs and Symptoms of Influenza in the Elderly When the Virus is Circulating in the Community
  • Guidelines for Managing an Influenza Outbreak
  • Influenza Outbreak Control Checklist and Healthy Hands Campaign
  • Sample Letter to Families of Residents in the Event of an Influenza Outbreak
  • Sample Call Script for Notifying Family Members
  • Sample Press Release to Inform Media of an Influenza Outbreak
  • A CD-Rom containing downloadable tools in Word format for Mac or PC

Click here for an order form for the free tool kit.

Additional Information and Resources

The American Society of Consultant Pharmacists also has a Web page with links and information on infection control that may be useful to long-term care facilities:

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